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ON PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION by Ute Noll is working with surprising and emerging photographers in different contexts such as art, editorial or commerce. Ute Noll focuses on fresh, innovative photographs that transport ideas or issues with a high aesthetical quality. ON PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION has two sections. The gallery UNO ART SPACE, which regularly exhibits the work of outstanding photographers and the AGENCY, which offers SERVICES related to art and applied photography. Work examples are on display in the section SHOWCASE.

Ute Noll is in the process of building up a unique, motivated team. She has been in the editorial and photography business since 1994. She started off at the innovative and award winning youth magazine "jetzt" of the daily newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung in Munich, she worked for the development at International Masters Publishers (IMP) in Munich and also worked for the Book Development Department of Reader´s Digest in Stuttgart. She was the picture editor of the award-winning weekend supplement, Germany’s Frankfurter Rundschau Magazin from its development in 1999 , its lounge in 2000 up to its last issue as a weekend supplement 26 May 2007.

Ute Noll is known for using cutting-edge photography in editorials to generate social, political or psychological issues. She has contracted photographers worldwide for reportage, event and portrait assignments. She has focused on emerging and established artists, from Laurie Long and Jeff Wall to Stefanie Schneider. In the meantime, she has published more than 300 of these portfolio pages in the Frankfurter Rundschau Magazin.

Ute Noll has introduced issue-orientated art photography in the political supplement of the Frankfurter Rundschau “FR PLUS” that further illuminates political issues, an innovative and unique approach for a daily newspaper.

In 2005, she cut back to part time and in 2006 she started her own business - the ON PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION Agency and UNO ART SPACE

Over the past few years, Ute Noll has been a member of several international juries, such as the Kodak Award for Emerging Talents and the European Award for Architectual Photography by Architekturbild e.V., where she is also is the spokesperson for the artistic board. In 2005, she was invited by the German Photographic Society DGPH to become a member.

Ute Noll has curated photo and video shows since 2002. She has also been invited to be a photographic curator and a member of the artistic board of the annual photo festival in Darmstadt since 2004; Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie www.dtdf.de

Ute Noll writes articles about photography and compiles the “Euroview”, a selection of European exhibitions for the London based “PLUK” photo magazine. She also writes the newsletter for the BFF - the German Association of Free-Lance Photographers alternately with Anna Gripp from the “Photonews” magazine. Since 2005, she has been teaching picture editing part-time at the University of Applied Science in Dortmund.

In 2005, she was invited to give lectures at the annual meeting of the German Photographic Academy and at the Merz Academy in Stuttgart, a german University of Applied Design. She has also held lectures at the Art Department of the Lehigh University and in Nina Berman’s class for documentary photography at the ICP, the International Center of Photography in NYC.

Ute Noll has an M.A. in Sociology from the University of Tübingen, where she focused on visual sociology in terms of documentary film and photography. At Antioch University in Yellow Spring, Ohio, USA, she studied video documentary and photography.

Please look at examples of her AGENCY work at the UNO SHOWCASE sections: DISCOVERED, COMMISSIONED, RESEARCHED, CURATED, PUBLISHED TEXTS. Please look at the curated online exhibitions at UNO ART SPACE.