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The ON PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION agency by Ute Noll can find you an already existing images that best suits your needs. The owner of Photography & Illustrations, Ute Noll, has experience working with many specialized agencies in Europe, the US and around the world and knows where to find rare and special images.

For every theme or topic you can imagine, we know the right agency; for history or art, lifestyle or science, animals or flowers. We understand the different tones of visual language and look for continuity. We work with classical, modern and cutting edge photography.

We do picture research for large and small companies for advertisement, journalism and for the arts.

Moreover, we are specialized in innovative picture research, which means that we can find materials to suit your needs that can’t be found in picture agencies or traditional archives. The already existing material comes from photographers, illustrators and artists, who work on specific issues. In bringing together your specific text and their unique approach, both sides enhance each other in a very productive way.

Ute Noll, the owner of ON PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION, has worked in the Development Department of the International Master Publisher (IMP) in Munich which publishes specialized photographic products for every subject, she also worked for the Book Department of Reader´s Digest, for the Frankfurter Rundschau, and has done cover research for Dumont Travel Books.

For examples, please view the RESEARCHED section of this webpage.